At Lebert Fitness their mission is to help improve the quality of people’s lives by making fitness more accessible and fun. They strive to create an inclusive community, innovating bodyweight focused exercise tools that make working out more approachable and enjoyable to everyone.

Incredibly versatile and effective, Lebert Fitness products allow you to build a complete workout session around simple, space-saving piece of equipment.

What’s more, when you invest in Lebert Fitness equipment, you join a supportive and knowledgeable community of fitness professionals, whom you can reach out to at no extra cost through our private workout site, private FB group and monthly live sessions.

Jenny from Strong Magazine is working the Lebert EQualizer and HIIT System for a great total body strength and conditioning workout. Do each exercise for 30 seconds 2-3 times each with up to 1 minute of rest between sets and we guarantee that you will feel great afterwards!

If you want to get more info on how to do the exercises most effectively you can visit the video section on