about scratch my belly

Scratchmybelly.org is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving animals from high kill shelters in Southern California and throughout Mexico. Scratch My Belly’s founder Frederica Ginsburg and her 16 volunteers work individually and with several local rescue groups to rehabilitate and re-home animals in need. In addition, Scratch My Belly has a dual mission to educate individuals about spaying and neutering their pets and the negative social impact that is associated with breeding animals to sell.  

It is estimated that 8-10 million dogs and cats are put to sleep every year in shelters across the United States because of the irresponsible actions of a few and budget restrictions of shelters. It is time to end unnecessary killing of innocent animals and to stand against animal cruelty by caring for our four-legged friends.

Through the first 6 months of 2015, Scratch My Belly has been able to rescue 29 dogs from their unfortunate fate and we hope to increase that number with your help. With the average cost of $250 to improve and save the life of our rescue pets, your donations go to directly to the second chance at a happy life for both the animals rescued and their new forever homes. Scratch My Belly currently applies 100% of donations to provide the vet care for rescue dogs.

meet Hank the Tank

One of the many dogs rescued in 2015 by Scratch My Belly was a young Saint Bernard now named Hank. In August, Hank was found in Tijuana chained, abandoned, and left to starve in a garbage yard. He was rescued and transported to San Diego to begin his rehabilitation and transition back to a happy and healthy life. After all the ticks were removed and the scabs were treated, Hank’s new parents took special care to make sure he was fed, protected, and loved.

After only a few weeks, Hank had gone from nearly starving to death to gaining 12 pounds and finding his forever home. Most importantly, This rescue dog with a cruel past full of mistreatment from humans, quickly acclimated to his new home and is now a happy and healthy part of the family.

50% of all revenue from Scratch My Belly tri-blend crews will go towards Scratch My Belly's effort to saving animals from high kill shelters in Southern California and throughout Mexico.