rescue dog spotlight

Scratch My Belly Dog Rescue is on a mission to save 12 dogs in Southern California this week. This is the largest mission Scratch My Belly has attempted. They are able to achieve this because of the help of volunteers and fosters, which now total 30.

Included in this week's rescue is Maverick. Maverick is a 5 week old Shepherd. Due to a trachea defect, Maverick can't hold down his meals and weighs only 3 pounds. A dog of this breed should weigh around 10 pounds at his age. Scratch My Belly is currently exploring options for surgery, and will need to raise funds to help save Maverick.  

You can donate directly to Scratch My Belly to help save these animals. Also, 50% of revenue of the Scratch My Belly tees will be donated to Scratch My Belly.

volunteer spotlight

The HYLETE nation would like to send a special thank you to Scratch My Belly volunteer, Courtney Roth. Courtney is a professional massage therapist at Roth Bodywork in San Diego. After her long work days, Courtney has dedicated countless hours of her free time to save, foster, and transport many rescue dogs. Courtney has taken over as Scratch My Belly’s General Coordinator and handles logistics for the dog rescue.

Scratch My Belly is looking for volunteers and fosters in Southern California. If interested, please contact