Obstacle course racer (OCR) and Track and Field athlete, Reagan Baars, recently used the HYLETE serenium shorts for her cross-training preparation for an upcoming OCR event in Alberta, Canada. See what she had to say.

I want to start off by saying I love these shorts!  I have been using the HYLETE serenium shorts for training for the upcoming Mud Hero 6K obstacle race, which is taking place in Red Deer this August. 

I always thought my preference was for the form fitting “booty shorts,” but quickly changed my mind after wearing the HYLETE shorts for 2 or 3 training sessions. The material is soft and silky, yet durable enough to withstand hard-core workouts. These shorts do not rub or hike when running, while the additions of well-placed pockets with zippers can easily hold a phone or iPod when training.  

The HYLETE serenium shorts would flatter any body type. The placement of the side seams create an illusion effect of being slimmer, which serves to increases one’s personal confidence. They are also not too revealing in the back end! I would highly recommend these shorts for training, or even just recreational personal use. They can easily fit into anyone’s athletic wardrobe. These shorts have become a “go to” for me when training.