Vital Metabolic was born out of the desire to provide essential education to personal trainers, health coaches, and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. We believe that exercise is often overcomplicated, leading to “paralysis by analysis” by many would-be health-minded individuals. Our goal is to simplify health and fitness through tried-and-true approaches to exercise, nutrition, and holistic lifestyle practices.

James Wheeler and John Parker apply their 30 years of cumulative experience to decipher what the true meaning of progressive fitness and wellness is. Through audio and visual resources, the goal remains to apply the “Art and Science of Strength” to a world hungry for physical and mental improvement.

As coaches, we have tested our methods and only bring light to what actually works. This positions Vital Metabolic as the leading resource for coaches to discover their personal and business potential.

About HYLETE Educational Content :
We have teamed up with experts in their field to share knowledge and advice, previously only available to their clients and patients. This Educational Content allows experts to share their authentic perspectives, in their own words, with the entire HYLETE Community. The views, information, methods, and opinions expressed in these blog posts belong solely to the respective authors and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of HYLETE.

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