The holidays are coming! That time we all look forward to- family, time off, travel, the holiday spirit! It is filled with wonderful things, including FOOD! We probably all look forward to the holiday food traditions, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But we also want to make sure that we are keeping things in check, avoiding too much over indulgence, and generally feeling healthy and in control. So, how can we enjoy the holidays and all it’ eats and treats without losing our focus on being healthy? Here are some great techniques to do exactly that!


Just because you are surrounded by treats the whole season doesn’t have to mean you have to eat it all! Think about what you love, what are your favorites, and what you look forward to every year and make those items be your special indulgences! By approaching it this way you can control for unnecessary eating and wasting energy and calories on things you don’t truly enjoy. AND you get to TRULY enjoy those foods that you really love and associate with the holidays.


There may be a lot more events and special meals during the holiday season, but a huge reason for feeling unhealthy is because a lot of us fall out of our exercise routine. Your schedule may look a little different, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely give up on working out! If you traditionally go to the gym and it’s closed, go on a run or a hike. If you are used to working out before work, keep that schedule going even if you are not working. If you are super busy and don’t have as much time to exercise, throw in a quick 15-minute HIIT routine before heading out. By keeping up with your workouts, you will feel better about yourself and be more motivated to feed your body well.


You want to sample everything at your holiday meals….and with good reason! It is exciting and different- filled with lots of foods you never have. And you should get to try all of them, no need to restrict that. But you also want to honor your fullness and take care of your stomach. So, fill your plate with everything you want, and enjoy. Slowly savor your meal and eat your full plate of food. No need to get seconds if you put everything you want on your plate and slowly and mindfully enjoy it!

TREAT EACH HOLDAY AS A MEAL (not a day, a week, or a season!)

We tend to approach thanksgiving as if it’s a 4 day weekend and Christmas is if it’s a two-week extravaganza. But the reality is, that is each of these holidays just come down to a meal or two. Treating them like a meal or two can change your whole outlooks on the way you approach the holidays and the way you treat your body during that time. Instead of saying “all of December is a waste- I’m going to eat terribly the whole time!,” you can choose to isolate a few meals where you are planning to splurge and then commit to your routine the rest of the time. Your body and mind will both thank you!

So, yes, you can absolutely enjoy the holidays! But your enjoyment doesn’t have to leave you feeling terribly about yourself and feeling as if you’ve impeded any progress you’ve made or that you’ve set yourself back. You can enjoy the holidays AND feel good about yourself and your choices. You can enjoy the holidays in a healthy way. Happy holidays!