Stop Waiting

All too often, I sit with clients who list off reasons why they can’t start toward their goals “just yet.” Family is coming. Their son has a birthday. It’s a holiday weekend. It’s cloudy. They’re too tired. Work is busy. The dog has an ulcer. It’s Friday and they want to start Monday. I could go on. 

Listen: that’s life, and life doesn’t go away. Well it does eventually, but that should give you even more motivation to start now, and not later. But seriously, we must change our way of thinking if we ever want to achieve our goals. Instead of looking at life events as obstacles, try to look at them in a positive light. Congrats that work is busy; that’s better than having no work! That’s wonderful that family is coming; having family is so precious and some people don’t have that! Happy birthday to your son! Be thankful it’s only cloudy and not flooding. You get my point.

Stop waiting for the perfect time because it doesn’t exist. Start now (it doesn’t have to be a Monday, I promise!), and let life happen around you. You’re tired? Well, guess what? I can guarantee that if you take a step toward your goal you will feel motivated and energized to keep going. How do I know this? Because I live by it. I feel like crap if I’m not working toward something. I feel stagnant, unenergized, unmotivated, depressed, you name it. So, I make sure I always keep my eyes on my next prize.

When I come up with a new goal, I start now. I don’t wait. Why? Because why would I want to postpone success and the feeling of achievement? Especially if I’m feeling low/depressed. I am constantly reviewing my goals and future achievements so that I can stay on the path to them regardless if my son has a birthday, it’s a holiday, it’s cloudy, or it’s a Friday. Because at the end of the day, I can either choose to define all of those things as an obstacle to hold me back, or irrelevant points that have nothing to do with whether I want to take a step toward my next goal. Don’t wait!

Be Selfish and Find Your Joy

People often look at me in an envious way, because I’m constantly achieving. But get this, I’m no magician. I’m not some kid who grew up with all the money in the world and had success handed to me on a silver platter. I’m not someone who has all the time in the world. In fact, I’m the opposite. I lost my parents at a young age. I experienced severe abuse. I’m constantly busy because I’m an athlete, I run a business, coach youth sports, and am also a wife and mom. And yet I ALWAYS prioritize time for myself. Being selfish has become a priority. It’s vital to my success and it will be vital to yours. 

So, my friends, learn to put yourself first. Do things for yourself. Say “no” to people if it means that you’re putting yourself on the back burner. People will, in turn, love you and respect you more because you’ll be a happier, more successful/productive person. Why will you be happier? Because when we achieve our goals, we experience joy. And that joy lasts much longer than that moment. Thus, if you’re constantly achieving, you’re constantly experiencing joy. And joy is not something you need to tell people you have; it radiates from you. It motivates others to want to experience joy. People see it and they want it. And all it takes is a little selfishness…

It doesn’t matter if you’re achieving by conquering the massive laundry pile, or conquering Everest. Get out there and achieve something. Put yourself first. Find your joy. And then let it radiate from you like sunshine so it motivates others to do the same.

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