By Mark Barroso

the shorts for SS18

HYLETE continuously finds ways to mix fashion and fitness. The stratix short is the latest iteration of this ongoing effort. You’d think they are gym shorts, which they are, but they are also casual shorts. There are belt loops, a button closure on the fly and a front YKK zipper, just like a pair of dress pants or cargo shorts would have. YKK is the world’s largest maker of zippers and they’re built to last. While cargo shorts can store a lot in the pockets, their material is typically constricting and chafing is often an issue. Plus, they’re not really “in” anymore. That’s what makes HYLETE’s casual items a hit: they are so unique that the wearer explains the functional benefits to their friends while looking great. Come spring/summer 2018, smooth and movable is IN.

in and out of the gym

The difference between gym shorts and these is there’s no belt needed in the gym, but adding a belt for a casual meetup can spruce up your outfit. The stratix’s fabric is actually the same fabric used in the HYLETE verge II workout shorts, which are tough as nails. The anti-microbial fabric keeps germs away ensuring you’re odor free when exiting the gym. Available in cool grey and black, you can’t go wrong with either of these colorways, especially during night hangouts.

Take your pick from five sizes (30-38 inches on the waist) and you’ll find the right fit for you. Perhaps most valuable about these shorts are that they have 6 pockets but you’d never know it by looking at them. There’s two standard side pockets, two large zipper pockets, and two back pockets that fold over themselves—basically you can hold two people’s belongings in your pockets.

backed by you

The stratix walk short was launched as a result of the HYLETE Project, an interactive experience where customers decide the fate of apparel launches. During the HYLETE Project, images, specifications, sizes and color options of prospective products were made available to the public. These products weren’t even made yet but people could “back” a project by pre-ordering it at a discounted price. If a certain number of orders were reached, the item would get created and ship. The stratix short was one of the HYLETE Project’s backed items. Mixing performance and luxury style has been a rising trend in the fashion industry for the past five years and the trend is continuing to rise. You can call the stratix shorts athleisure, but that probably wouldn’t be accurate since most athleisure can’t actually handle an athlete’s workout. The stratix shorts are athleisure for athletes. 

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Mark Barroso, NSCA-CPT, Spartan SGX Coach, is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and fitness Journalist based in New Jersey. Barroso's work has appeared in Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, M&F Hers, FLEX,, Fitness Magazine, and more. When Barroso isn't creating original health/fitness content, he enjoys weightlifting, cooking, running, and obstacle course racing. Barroso has completed 30 obstacle course races and counting, often wearing HYLETE apparel and packing his HYLETE backpack for the ride. For more information about Barroso, visit