HYLETE Ambassador and the host of HYLETE's Circuit Challenge for Charity, Andy McDermott, has been very busy. Aside from his acting, modeling, and fitness career including regular contributions to Muscle & Fitness; Andy and his wife, Julie, recently started McDermott Family Fitness (McDFF). McDFF provides 20 minute workout programs that can be completed anywhere with minimal to no equipment. McDFF also features nutrition tips, time-management thoughts, and life hacks. “We really want to help people in our phase of life; busy, working folks who would love to feel, look, and do better, but might not have the time or the money to go to a gym and pay a personal trainer,” said Andy. “So, I'm sharing all that I've learned from my 25 years of working out every day, and from 15 years as a trainer and coach. Julie has a fantastic blog where she talks about all the lessons we learn about nutrition, teaching, parenting, and makes fun of me sometimes... haha.”

Find out what and who drives Andy’s career and what goals he has for 2016. After you read his story, tell us what inspires you. Tell us your story here.

what inspires you

""I've always been inspired by 'can't'. So many people in this world talk about all the things that can't be done. Throughout every phase of my life, and there have been many, I've run up against many challenges. Simply put, I have never stopped, and I will not stop until 'I can'. All of my background has brought me to my life now as an actor and fitness nerd in Los Angeles. There were so many reasons why this dream couldn't work: we have 4 little kids, we live in a small apartment, I'm too old to start an acting career, I don't know anyone out here, and we only have 6 months worth of savings. Well, that was three and a half years ago. We certainly haven't ""made it"" yet, but we are chipping away at it and we are changing all the CAN'Ts into CANs while laughing at the craziness along the way!"" 

who are your heroes

""Man, I have too many heroes! Here are just a few: Kate McRae, a beautiful little girl who has been in a lifelong battle with brain cancer. My big sister, Chris Kyle, Michael Jordan, Samuel L. Jackson (didn't get his game changer acting role until he was 43!), cops, firefighters, nurses, soldiers, my wife, Julie. The list goes on. Heroes are important to me. Actually, when I sign autographs, usually for Call of Duty games, I write on there: 'Be someone's hero'. Because we can each be a hero to someone, somehow.""

what are your fitness goals

""The days of competing and being the best are behind me. Now, I train to be ready. Ready for photo shoots, auditions, filming, ready for whatever life throws at me. It's so unpredictable, and the timing is never mine. At my stage of the game, I don't get any time to be ready. Dwayne Johnson, Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal; these guys complain when they only get 3 months to get in shape for something. Maybe someday I'll have that luxury. For now, it's be ready or they choose someone else.""