Catherine Divine is the head instructor for SEALFIT’s new Kokoro Yoga program; leading the teacher training, retreats, and seminars. Catherine has travelled throughout Asia, Central America and Mexico teaching yoga while learning about global culture and environmental sustainability and awareness. Catherine is a self-described avid backpacker who loves to spend time under the stars with the redwood trees on the lost coast in Northern California. “I have been teaching yoga now for 13 years and trained with some of the best instructors from all over the world,” said Catherine. “I have worked with SEALFIT and Kokoro Yoga for the past 7 years and have become an integral part of our training elite athletes and SOF candidates in the inner work.” 

Learn more about what and who inspires Catherine to pursue her yoga career through the SEALIFT mental training program.

What inspires you? 

Staying fit and healthy is inspired by my love of nature and enthusiasm for life. I want to be able to play until my last breath in the same capacity that I am now and was 10 years ago. That means I want to be able to climb mountains, swim in the ocean, practice yoga, help out someone in need, and be of service to the sustainability of our planet and humanity. I am inspired by my grandfather who is now 87 years old and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 5 years ago. He still walks everyday, drives himself to the doctor, reads and keeps his quick sense of humor. I am also inspired by adaptive athletes that I have worked with at the SEALFIT Training Center and seeing how they make no excuse and train with a smile right next to all of us, showing me that limitations are often mental and can be overcome if the individual is willing to be courageous and face their fears.

Who is your hero?

I guess my heroes are the people out there that are performing random acts of kindness everyday in order to assist those in need. I am inspired by nonprofits that promote awareness about sustainable agriculture and drinking water, deforestation and the impact of less trees on the planet, as well as keeping our beaches and oceans clean. Two of my favorite non-profit organizations are Surfrider and Save The Redwood organizations. They are doing great work for our planet.

What are your fitness goals?

My fitness goals are to complete Kokoro Camp in 2016. I have done most of the other trainings at SEALFIT and this is one of the most physically challenging to tackle. Another goal I have is to become proficient at paddle boarding in the ocean for a great overall workout and time well spent in nature.

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