Peru is an adventurous and active country. Naturally, I needed performance apparel and luggage to keep up with our activities. Whether we were hiking Rainbow Mountain or exploring the Amazon, we needed strong and effective gear. That’s why traveling with HYLETE was the optimal choice for exploring this South American country.

I knew Rainbow Mountain was going to be a challenge. I knew the Amazon was going to be a mysterious adventure. But I didn’t know I’d be huffing at Machu Picchu, too. Or how I was gonna trek without any gear, especially since I was an inexperienced hiker. 

About a month before my adventure to Peru, I prepared with some amazing workout gear and luggage from HYLETE, a quality fitness apparel brand that provides you with extreme savings.

I started and ended my trip with the invex II crop. It was perfect for touring around Lima and riding the buggies in the sand dunes of Huacachina.

The great thing about the invex II crop was that it was perfect for just about any activity. It held my stomach in and gave me extra support with the comfortable elastic waistband while climbing exploring Machu Picchu and Cusco. It also rolled down in the hot and humid rainforest with the adjustable rise-waistband. The flexibility was incredible.

Every traveler should have a pair of black, cropped leggings. But if you’re partial to a little more color, there’s also black and coral, black and mint, plum, navy, and grey.

During our hike up to Rainbow Mountain, I knew I was going to need layers to keep me warm and shed as it got hotter in the day. This was the perfect excuse to use the linear tech hoodie and I’m kind obsessed with it. 

The durable, lightweight fabric not only kept me warm but was incredibly soft and fuzzy, making it super comfortable during the strenuous hike. But my favorite part was the hidden zippered pockets around the arm! It helped me stash my beloved crystals so I could really enjoy my hike without them getting in the way.

As I mentioned before, I was mostly excited about the icon 6-in-1 backpack. And it was definitely my favorite.  

The 6-in-1 backpack is easily transformed into 6 different modes for travel: a backpack, an extended backpack, a small duffle, a large duffle, a removable daypack, and a messenger bag. I didn’t use the messenger component during our travels, but I did use just about every other style on the road. 

While we went from city to city, we used the expandable compartment as we shopped and picked up goodies along the way (as well as pack away our smelly and gross clothes during our time in the wet and humid rainforest). Two of the compartments are insulated and even kept my water bottle cool!

But the best part was the daypack! As pictured below, the daypack is a smaller section that you can zip off and use for day trips like we did to just about every place we went. As a blogger, the pockets made this the perfect bag for carrying my computer around.

Ultimately, I think my favorite part about this backpack is its sleek style. Yes, you can turn it into a travel backpack, but that doesn’t mean it has to look like one! The high-performance fabric with the color and style of the bag make it modern, sharp and stealth.

I was also incredibly excited about the nimbus caprite pants! With all of the hiking we were doing at high altitudes, I needed a high-performance pair of pants that would keep me warm, stretch with excessive movement and look good.

Zippers on the bottom of the pants make these stretchy caprites adjustable in length. Given my hiking, I wore them at full-length but they’re just as cute and effective zipped up to a “crop.” The 4-way stretch fabric was not only INCREDIBLY comfortable, but provided me with great mobility. Whether I was trekking or riding a pony up the mountain (yup, you can do that at Rainbow Mountain).

Much like the linear hoodie, the caprite also has integrated zippered side pockets. This helped me store some altitude sickness remedies and advil for the trek. Perfect for convenience so I wouldn’t have to go through my day pack if I needed it ASAP. 

Despite the fact that this was in fact a complimentary gift, I am absolutely obsessed with HYLETE and will not only continue to use their products while traveling, but buy some more later down the road! I highly recommend this gear and apparel to any traveler looking for sleek and high-performance travel swag.