As the shorter autumn days invite cooler evenings that seem to start mid afternoon, staying motivated and sticking to your workout routine may take a little more than a jacket and a pair of running shoes. As we all gear up for the final wrap up of what many would call a crazy and wild 2022, staying physically and mentally "fit" may require a daily dose of positive motivation and a consistent routine. You are what you practice, so make a strong commitment to move your body and get your workouts in (most days of the week). . . especially through into the winter months. Below are different ways to work out in the winter months that anyone can try and do (that does not require being an Olympic athlete to perform). Working out consistently will encourage a stronger immune system, balance your body's blood sugar, help to keep body systems functioning well and boost mood tremendously. Exercising consistently has been found to stave off S.A.D., or Seasonal Affective Disorder, a mood disorder associated with the lack of sun exposure people report experiencing, especially in the winter months. The best news is that the positive effects of moving your body does not require hours of training a day! Even as little as a 10 minute brisk walk can help your body achieve great mind and body wellness. Below are great workouts that compliment some of my favorite winter Olympic events that prove to be extremely effective in keeping the body in healthy cardio and strength training shape! If you have equipment to take on your favorite winter pastime or exercise, even better! Find inspiration anywhere and go! If you are wanting to mimic these winter sports, pick 5 exercises and perform them for 1-2 minutes each. Challenge yourself and repeat the exercises 3-5 times all the way through. Dig deep and find the champion in each set that you execute! -Alpine Skiing -Pulsing Squats (20 Pulses)- Start standing with feet shoulder width apart. Rock tailbone down as you lower hips until both thighs are parallel to the ground. Keep weight into heels as you squeeze glutes and begin pulsing. Keep your chin and chest lifting up. -Low Squat Walks (Walk 8 Steps Forward, 8 Steps Backwards) -Biathlon (Cross Country Skiing/ Rifle Shooting) Use exercise bands and create a tight tension by grabbing hold of the bands closer together. Hold one hand steady as the other draws/pulls back (like an archer pulls back a bow). Keep shoulders parallel to the ground, elbows high and bent and maintain tension in the core.) Hold and contract for 3 seconds before slowly returning to a relaxed and beginning position.) -Bobsled -Mountain Climbers- From a high plank position, pull your right knee into your chest or touch your right knee to your right elbow. Step back into high plank. Switch legs and pull your left knee into your chest or draw your left knee to your left elbow. Keep hips level and in line with shoulders as you begin picking up the pace of the knee to chest or elbow exercise. Alternate and continue for 2 minutes. -Curling Kettlebell Plank Drag- With kettlebell on the floor under your torso, start in a high plank pose with both wrists directly below shoulders. Keep your spine flat and eye gaze on the floor under your nose looking down. Pick the kettlebell up with your right hand and drag it to the outside of our torso toward the left. Place your right hand back down and take your left hand and drag the kettlebell to the opposite side (the right). Place left and down and repeat until 2 minutes is up. -Cross Country Skiing -Elliptical Machine (level up) -Treadmill on incline -Skaters with Feet planted on Sliders or Paper Plates. Using inner and outer leg muscles, begin sliding your feet toward outwards like you are wearing skates. -Figure Skating -Single leg toe touch reach- Stand on the right leg with your left leg behind you raised off the floor. Bring both arms out to a "T". Bend your right leg as you hinge forward to touch your left hand to the right foot or toe. With control begin standing again as you try to keep your back leg lifted and engaged behind you. Repeat on the left leg. Alternate 10 times. -Freestyle Skiing -Spiderman Push Ups- From a high plank position with feet shoulder-width, lower your chest to the floor in a half push up by bending elbows. Lift your left leg and move your knee toward your left elbow. Make contact, pause and return to high plank. Repeat on the right side. Do as many as you can without compromising form. -Ice Hockey -One Leg Pistol Squat- Start in a standing position with feet hip distance apart. Shift weight onto one leg and extend the other out in front of you. Bring arms out in front of your body for better balance. Keep tension in your core and torso as upright as possible. Begin to bend the standing leg until sit bones meets the heel of the standing foot. The other extended leg is straight and lifted off the ground.Drive into the foot that is on the ground and stand up until the standing leg is straight. Repeat on the other leg. -Luge -Bridge with Adductor Squeeze- From a laying down on back position, bend both knees and place feet flat on the ground, knees facing ceiling, shoulder width apart and heels close to sit bones. Drive weight into the soles of the feet and paste spine onto the ground. Squeeze glutes and left hips toward the ceiling. Hands can come alongside your body, palms facing down to bring more left into the hips. Hold or pulse for 1-2 minutes. -Low Boat Pose Hold (Low V Sit)-Lie on your back with your arms overhead, palms facing up with a block or water bottle in your hands. Press your spine, especially low back, down into the earth and lift both engaged legs off the floor. Hover shoulder blades off the ground and reach through heels and toes. Hold for 1-2 minutes. -Skeleton Skiing 1 minute high Plank hold 1 minute Plank hold with alternating left and right leg step outs 1 Side plank hold (forearm side plank hold option) 1 minute Plank holds with shoulder taps. Ski Jumping -Box Jumps- Jump and land on a sturdy box or bench with soft knees as both feet touch down equally. Keep your chest upright. -Jump Squats. From squat position, use arms to gain more height into the air and jump vertically into the air, landing softly onto your feet hip distance apart and with knees soft. Scissor Alternating Lunges (Walking Lunges alternate option)- Walking forward and landing in a 90 degree deep lunge in the leg of your choice. Press into the lunged foot and return to standing posture. Alternate lunge and try leveling up with weighted dumbbells in each hand. Weight when lunging goes into the heel of the front lunged foot. -Speed Skating (long and short track) -Skater Jumps (or Skater Marches with High Knees) Push off your left leg to jump (or step) with vigor to your right leg. After landing, cross your left leg behind you and swing both arms across your body in the same direction. Repeat movement on opposite side. Continue jumping or alternating back and forth for 2 minutes. How many rounds were you able to do? Remember to stick to a consistent and persistent routine and you'll forge ahead into the colder months stronger than you ever imagined! Remember, most of the exercises can be done without a brick and mortar gym or with any equipment. Play around with these suggestions and come up with your own winning combination of wonderful winter moves!