We are proud to have over 35,000 certified trainers in the HYLETE community, who are passionate about training, motivating, and inspiring the health and fitness of others. We asked Brittany Kohnke to share her expert voice with the HYLETE community. Read about her passion for fitness, how she trains, and tips on maintaining your health and wellness.

For people in the HYLETE community that don’t know you, what are your certifications?

I have been a certified personal trainer through NASM for the last 5 years. I also hold a Masters in Physical Education. During my career I have completed various certifications and internships including:

USA Powerlifting Club Coach

Clean Health Institute Nutrition Level 1

JPS Mentorship

Kilo Strength Society Program Design Level 1

What made you want to pursue a career in the health and fitness world?

I have always been interested and driven by fitness. Growing up as an athlete, it was just something that was a part of my world; however, the real catalyst came after I competed in my first figure competition. I did everything “wrong” to prepare for this show (very restrictive dieting, over-exercising) and as a result I suffered from depression and a full-blown eating disorder through most of my 20’s. When I was able to pick up the pieces, I knew my purpose was to help fight the fads and gimmicks often pushed in our industry by showing people how to truly live their best, strongest life.

Why are you passionate about health and fitness?

My passion lies in the fact that so many people are confused and desperate to improve their health and fitness that often they are duped into what is real and/or effective. My passion is to not only help them see what’s real and sustainable, but introduce them to the power of strength training, especially women.

How do you define health?

Health is a way of being that allows for someone to live optimally whether it be physically, mentally, or socially.

How will you know when your health efforts are successful?

Success happens when someone is able to say, “I feel strong, confident, and happy”.

Why do you think it is important to be mindful of your health?

Our health is the one thing we truly own. Its influence on our lives is profound; therefore, being mindful of it can have lasting, compounding effects throughout our world.

What is something you would tell someone that is first starting their health journey?

Start small, seek wins. I spent most of my 20’s living anything but a “healthy, physically active” lifestyle and the one thing that got me through, and many of those I work with, is setting intentions that are achievable. Gaining momentum in the beginning will help establish habits, but also help break down bigger intentions into manageable benchmarks.

What is the #1 thing to know when actively trying to better oneself?

The thoughts, perceptions, and mindset around this journey can be a driver or barrier. Adopting one of growth, but acceptance of the fact this journey is a never-ending marathon is critical.

What is one thing you wish people knew about training?

I wish people really understood the profound impact of strength training. Not only does one gain physical benefits such as leaner body mass, improved metabolic function, and increased bone density (essential for women as we age), but the mental effects of feeling more confident and higher self-esteem are great too.

What style of training do you do?

Currently, I’m implementing a general strength training and functional fitness routine. For the last several years I was a high-level powerlifter so although I still perform the big 3, my training is a bit more well-rounded and comprehensive.

What do you train for?

Right now? Life. I’m training to be the best, healthiest version of myself so I can serve my clients, own and manage our gym The Foundry Gym Queen Creek, and just be the best version of myself.

Anything else you want to share with the HYLETE community?

Find me on social media at Brittany_Kohnke or learn more about our gym The Foundry Queen Creek at Thefoundrygymqc.com