We are proud to have over 35,000 certified trainers in the HYLETE community, who are passionate about training, motivating, and inspiring the health and fitness of others. We asked Orangetheory Fitness Head Coach, Lane Millican, to share her expert voice with the HYLETE community. Read about how she stays motivated and how she prioritizes her mental health.

How long have you been an Orangetheory Fitness Head Coach?

3 years.

For people who aren’t familiar, can you describe what a typical Orangetheory workout looks like?

Orangetheory is an innovative 60 minute heart rate based interval training workout backed by science typically involving a treadmill, water rower and weight training. What is your favorite part about being in the Orangetheory community? The Orangetheory community, itself. The members, the coaches, the staff who work there. The happy people who show up every day ready to push themselves to get stronger are by far the best part of the OTF community. The OTF community is diverse and wonderful; each person in their own way.

Why are you passionate about working at Orangetheory?

Orangetheory changed my life. I was a college athlete that forgot how important regular exercise was once I began my corporate career. Within 5 years of life management focused around climbing the corporate ladder, I was miserable and depressed. I found Orangetheory which had the perfect formula to hold me accountable to exercise. A stellar class, inspiring people and that pesky late cancel fee which kept me going on days I had pre-booked my workout but the day felt impossible. That darn $11 fee forced me to show up even when I didn’t want to and taught me that the only workouts I regret are the ones I don’t do.

What made you want to pursue a career as a trainer?

My mother was a CPT and owned her own gym growing up so it’s in my blood but it took me being asked to coach Orangetheory to realize I should have followed in her footsteps long before. It turns out my highest career motivation is altruism so it clicked for me when I began coaching Orangetheory and realized my job didn’t feel like work.

How do you stay motivated to train and stay fit?

I pre-book workouts. Time is valuable. Especially time spent dedicated to my personal health and wellness. I can’t pour from an empty cup and I now know that I am a much happier and healthier person mentally and physically when I am consistently exercising. That is probably my major drive for creating the positive habits that keep me motivated.

Can you tell us about a time that fitness helped you in another area of your life?

Last weekend at the park with my nieces. I’m the Aunt who chases my 3 nieces all over the playground and we all have an absolute blast at the Park. Being fit allows me to run, jump, play and be a true participant in their lives. That’s priceless in my book.

How does training impact your mental health?

Endorphins are real. Not to quote Elle Woods but “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” There is no faster way to make me forget whatever stress is going on in my day than letting me go All Out on a treadmill or rower. I sweat out stress and move on to more important people and tasks. My husband calls it OrangeTherapy, instead of Orangetheory.

Do you have any tips on how to prioritize your mental health?

Pre-book your workouts like you would an important meeting. You’re the boss of that meeting and bosses don’t cancel. Know your why and remind yourself of your reason when you hit the inevitable bump in the road.

How do you hope to inspire your clients in 2021?

Let go of 2020 and give yourself the gift of today. You can begin today. Any goal you have must start on day 1. Make today Day 1 and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Progress starts small and then shows up all at once.

As a trainer, what advice do you have for the HYLETE community?

Wear the gear that makes you want to workout. The clothes that make you feel confident you can do this - whatever “this“ is. When I’m in well-fitting fitness apparel, I feel unstoppable and that makes me unstoppable.

What do you train for?

Life. Sounds simple but it’s true. This is my life. No idea how long I have and, in the time I’m here, I want to feel strong, healthy and powerful so I can enjoy every day I’m given.

Anything else you would like to add or share?

Be kind and empower everyone who wants to know about your fitness journey. You may say the words they need to hear to make the changes they crave and healthier, happier people can heal the world.