We are proud to have over 35,000 certified trainers in the HYLETE community, who are passionate about training, motivating, and inspiring the health and fitness of others. We asked Stephen Ferrer to share his expert voice with the HYLETE community. Read about his passion for fitness, how he trains, and tips on maintaining your health and wellness.

For people in the HYLETE community that don’t know you, what are your certifications?

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by NSCA

USAW Sports Performance Lvl 1

Trigger Point Therapy Lvl 2

What made you want to pursue a career in the health and fitness world?

Going to college I decided to pursue a Degree in Kinesiology because fitness has always been an interest of mine but it was never supposed to be the end goal. Initially I was supposed be an Active Duty Officer in the United States Army but my path changed, led me to becoming a Personal Trainer, and now a Gym owner. Now I have found a purpose in providing people coaching and education to become the best version of themselves. Fitness has become a passion for me because of the changes my clients have made.

Why are you passionate about health and fitness?

Health and fitness has provided me with a fulfilling life where I get to influence so many people to become stronger, faster, and healthier. The feeling of helping people feel better is so rewarding and euphoric that this job no longer feels like one but a passion.

How do you define health?

Health can be defined in so many ways but ideas of health are subjective to the individual. The ability to be able to walk again can be defined as healthy to some while the ability to run a marathon is healthy to others. My definition of health is that we are able to live a fulfilling life where we can participate in the activities we want and care for the bodies we live in.

How will you know when your health efforts are successful?

I set goals for myself everytime I begin a new activity or endeavor. Sometimes those goals aren't met but the changes my body goes through trying to achieve those goals leaves me in a better place then where I began and that leaves me feeling successful. My efforts can always be measured in the journey I take on and that in itself leaves me feeling successful.

Why do you think it is important to be mindful of your health?

It's important because our bodies are the only vessels we have on this earth. It's important to take care of the vehicles we are in to be able to live a long and fulfilling life. We only get the set of feet, legs, arms, hands, and bodies we are born with.

What is something you would tell someone that is first starting their health journey?

It's important to take your time and start slow. Oftentimes people jump into a new routine excited and wanting to see results the next day. But you will not see results for a while but the journey you have started has already improved the life you are living.

What is the #1 thing to know when actively trying to better oneself?

Don’t quit when it starts to get tough.

What is one thing you wish people knew about training?

It all begins with education, we must first learn about our own bodies and how they work. The boring exercises are often the best exercises.

What style of training do you do?

I like to program full-body functional movements that focus more on our abilities then muscle groups. I like to utilize different planes, different modalities, and a combination of our bodies functions.

What do you train for?

I train to be the strongest and healthiest version of myself, trying to be better than I was the day before.

Anything else you want to share with the HYLETE community?

I recently opened up my Private Training Facility in Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. I welcome all trainers and clients to come by and experience an Artist approach to training. Visit us at MovementsocietyCO.com for more information or come by anytime at 1325 Palmetto St. Suite 140 Los Angeles, CA.