The verge flex-woven short and the helix flex-knit short are uniquely different in and out of the gym. Obstacle course racer and CrossFitter, Kris Maglunob, took the time to test them. Here is what he had to say.

An intro from Kris

Can you workout with any type of clothing? Would you do Cindy (get your mind out of the gutter- we’re talking about the WOD here!) with a pair of corduroys on? Could you carry all your workout gear in a laptop/briefcase? Sure you can! You can do anything that floats your boat. However, while doing those 15 squats for time, you might end up compromising your performance, or worse- rip your pants.

We all have our reasons for why we workout- to be in better shape, train for our next competition or crush the next OCR race. As for me, investing in proper coaching, nutrition and movement all can produce a productive path towards success. This path towards fitness necessitates proper clothing and gear (tools) to complete your arsenal. 

I’ve been investing in a lot of  HYLETE gear lately; this brand’s quality and functionality are truly outstanding. I’m truly grateful to be able to rock HYLETE gear- I own their shorts (verge, helix and vertex), backpacks and a few quad-blend shirts. For this review, I’d like to take you through a typical training and race day with my HYLETE shorts and a review of the Helix and Verge. 

HYLETE helix flex-knit zip pocket short

The helix short is described by HYLETE as, “board short inspired with a generous cut through the rear and thighs.” This is absolutely a Godsend for me because I have tree trunk legs!  I like to take advantage of this design from HYLETE during my WODs – I no longer feel the need for me to pick my wedgies or worry about my shorts ripping due to my massive quads. Besides the design, what won me over with these shorts is their patentend drawstring; this allows me to tie my shorts inside (so it is not hanging outside.) I also love their super soft and silky smooth fabric! It’s like petting a puppy dog’s velvety ears. Lastly, the Helix brags about “functionality”, and this claim is spot on. I use these to go hiking, train (CrossFit endurance), lounge around the beach and most importantly, I rocked these on vacation in the hot tub!  I even go grocery shopping in them- the generous pockets hold my cell phone, keys and wallet!  

HYLETE verge flex-woven zip pocket short

What is the biggest difference between the helix and the verge shorts? Here is my take: The helix allow you to seamlessly transition from smashing your PR’s at your box to chilling with your friends over a bonfire.  The versatility of this product is one of its best features.

The verge shorts, on the other hand, is what I needed last year when I was crawling through barbed wires, fire and mud at the Spartan World Championships. The Verge claims that it’s the “ultimate cross-over short” due to the wicking and fast drying capabilities. HYLETE states, “The verge’s proprietary flex-woven fabric provides you a near 'weightless feel' that delivers the optimal balance between stretch and durability.” This statement has been battle-tested during my “pukiest” metcons, and has passed with flying colors.  I strongly believe that the wicking/fast drying capabilities helped me squeeze out that last rep.

Any room for improvements?

Not many, to be honest.  If I were to be super picky it would be the pockets. Although the pockets are seamless in design; it has a smaller opening; this makes it hard for me to get my giant hands inside completely.  While only a minor complaint, it takes me some time to grab my keys, wallet or cell phone. So if you are a bro or a lady that takes a lot selfies while working out- you might want to focus on the actual workout and leave your phone in a locker for once

Would I buy it again and recommend?

Yes and yes. The price is worth the investment! I have tested other brands of shorts before and with HYLETE’s attention to detail and quality, you can’t go wrong. It is time to step up your game with a solid pair of HYLETE shorts!