Jamie Toland of Grinder's Gear Review recently had an opportunity to test, review, and compare the men's verge flex-woven and helix flex-knit shorts while he both worked and competed at the Wodapalooza Games in Miami. Continue reading to see the benefits of each and how the shorts held up.

what is it?

HYLETE makes some tremendous workout shorts and gear. GGR has taken time recently to put some of their newest editions through the “Grinder:” The Verge Flex-Woven short and the Helix Flex-Knit shorts. The Verge Flex-Woven short is described by HYLETE as “engineered to be the ultimate “cross-over” short. The quick wick, fast dry capabilities of this short make it ideal for high heat, water, and mud conditions. The proprietary flex-woven fabric provides you a near “weightless feel” that delivers the optimal balance between stretch and durability. Our patented waistband system provides security without sacrificing comfort while optimally placed side hip pockets with YKK semi-auto lock zippers give you dependable storage at your fingertips.”

HYLETE describes the Helix Flex-Knit shorts as having, “an integrated pocket short features internal cargo pockets that yield maximum storage while minimizing bulk. The wraparound board short inspired paneling provides a generous cut through the rear and thighs offering mobility where you need it the most. The integrated pockets feature YKK semi-auto lock zippers to ensure your valuable cargo stays with you during your most rigorous workout or casual day to day activities. HYLETE’s patented waistband system is utilized to create a secure fit without cinching or scrunching, featuring drawstrings that can be worn internally or externally.”

what do I think?

First off, I’ll say that both shorts are great in terms of fit and quality. I wore both for training as well as on some media jobs that I had over the winter and not only do they fit amazingly, but they are sufficient in terms of holding your cell phone (I lug around the iPhone 6 Plus and it easily fit in both pairs in the side zipper pockets) and wallet, keys, etc . . . There is a noticeable difference in these two pairs.

The Verge Flex-Woven has what I would call more of a “slick” feeling to the front and back panels which to me is more along the lines of a soccer short type of material. Because of this, they are extremely light, but certainly do not feel flimsy or cheap. I used them for burpees, deadlifts and Olympic lifting (all things that would impact the front material of the shorts) and have noticed no wear on them in terms of damage to the fabric so far.

The Helix Flex-Knit are, for lack of a better description, more “soft and cottony” in their feel. While they don’t feel heavy by any means, they aren’t as light and airy as the Verge or even their traditional Vertex Zip-Pocket shorts. These have an almost tee-shirt material or sweat pants kind of feel that I like very much both in and out of the gym and training sessions. The material doesn’t act like a sponge when training and getting sweaty, which I thought could happen when I first tried them out. Great product.

why do you need it?

If you have worn, trained in or love HYLETE’s shorts, these will be great additions to your collection. Love the feel and cut of both of these shorts and the changes in material are great. If you want a lighter, slick feeling pair, then grab the Verge. If you are looking for a softer feel, the Helix are for you. Both will get you through any WOD and the zip pockets on the sides are very functional and well-designed. 

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