By Gabrielle Kassel

The iris scallop short was designed for the athlete that moves in various planes of motion and on all types of terrain. That means you can jump over boxes, train through the trees, win a WOD, hurdle over fire, and kick and jab heavy bags, all while wearing the same shorts. Multi-purpose? You bet.

What makes the short so versatile is that the semi-slick fabric glides over your skin. That means your legs won’t get stuck together and your shorts won’t bunch when you’re doing exercises like rowing intervals,  re-testing your 5k time, or just doing an ab circuit with hollow body holds. The 4-way stretch fabric is durable, lightweight, and won’t restrict your movement. Plus, thanks to the performance fabric which dries quick and repels water, your shorts will stay dry even when 15-minutes into your workout you get sweaty. As long as interval training stays hot in the fitness world, we need all the sweat-wicking gym-gear we can get our hands on.

The 3-inch inseam decorated with scalloped, contrasting piping, helps keep the shorts from sashaying around with every step and jump, so you don’t even have to worry about mid-workout wedgies or chafing. There’s even a built in liner that provides maximum coverage and breathability, which means even if you’re training for a marathon or hitting the hardest kickboxing class in your city, your shorts have your back.

The iris scallop short has two strategically placed pockets, so put your phone in one (yes, even the iPhone 7), your keys in the other and consider yourself geared-up for your whatever trail-run, CrossFit WOD, or HIIT class that’s coming your way. But don’t worry, if you prefer to workout with your phone secured to your arm and there’s a locker at your studio for your house-keys, the pockets lay flat and smooth. That means the pockets are there for when you want them, but won’t affect the fit when you don’t.

The iris short comes in three colors: glacier/sea, pink/grey, black/black, and comes in sizes xs-xl (that fit true to size). Whether you’re an OCR-addict, drank the CrossFit KoolAid, have a mantel for your marathon medals, or love trying out new fitness studio’s, the iris scallop short is the short you need to help you perform.

Need more information? Here are 5 reasons the iris scallop short should be your new go-to.

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