HYLETE started in 2012 with one men’s performance short that appealed to customers that wanted high-end, performance-based athletic gear. As we expanded our line, we offered more than just shorts for men. We introduced women’s performance products in 2014 because we realized many of our male customers were asking for products for their wives, girlfriends, sisters, and even their female colleagues. Thus, our female customer base grew to help make up what is now known as our HYLETE Community. We realized that regardless of gender, our entire Community has one thing in common - the need for high-quality performance gear that is innovative, comfortable, and affordable. As a growing company, we value the opportunity to connect with our Community by asking what they want added to the HYLETE product offering, through product feedback surveys.

We found that every woman who works here at HYLETE, many women we surveyed, and women that write to our customer service team every day expressed the need for a pant that was non-compressive and straight-up comfy. So, we created the flexion pant.

""The women’s flexion pant is a comfortable, but flattering pant that is a great go-to when you want comfort and function. As we continue to grow our women’s line, it is important that we offer pieces that not only provide function but also are great for everyday wear that can take you to and from the gym and beyond.”

— Chevigny Brady, HYLETE Production Operations Manager

The Flexion Pant is made with the same high-performance fabric as our men’s flexion collection, with a flattering fit built for women. The non-compressive feel whether you’re warming up, working out, or lounging, makes it just what you need. The two length options make it flattering for your body type (don’t tell the men though - we currently only have one length for them). These pants are cute enough to wear out, or cozy enough to relax after a tough workout. Based on the success we’ve had with our flexion collection, we’re confident that it’s just the pant you’re looking for.