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Wild Geese Fitness Training: Dave Hedges

Why you opened a gym: ""Back in 2005, my training partner and I were dissatisfied with the types of training available, so we were discussing the options of starting our own gym. It was 2007 when this finally came to fruition when I lost my job and needed to generate an income. Opening our own place and making it a success seemed a better option than taking the kinds of jobs that were available in recession struck Ireland at the time. It took a lot of work but that decision turned out to be the right one and we'd never look back.""

Favorite piece of equiptment: ""Undoubtedly the Kettlebell. We find the Kettlebell ticks the most boxes, shoulder friendly pressing, posterior chain strength endurance, versatility in the amount of movements available and they take up relatively little space in our small gym.""

Advice for other gym owners: ""Be honest with yourself and your clients. Never be afraid to refer out if you're not the right fit your client. Never stop learning and be sure to pass that knowledge on to your clients. Oh, hire people smarter than you too, that really helps.""

Favorite HYLETE gear: ""Vertex II pants have become my uniform, no other gym trousers come close. The entire Vertex line is without equal.""