By Amber DeLauer

The ladies of our HYLETE community have asked for a new and unique product. We listened and we have delivered! Watch as HYLETE Health Advisor, Amber DeLauer gives a quick product deep dive on the new xen racer tank. Learn more at

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The following is a transcription of the above video:

Hi, I'm Amber DeLauer, your Hylete health advisor. Here to give you a product deep dive on the new Xen racer tank. The ladies of the Hylete community asked for something new, and unique, and we listened.

The Xen tank features a simple classic front, a show-stopping open back, with all of the performance benefits that you've come to expect from Hylete. Made with incredibly soft material that also provides the durability and moisture [inaudible 00:00:26] capabilities that you need to tackle any workout. The overlapping crisscross back design allows you to show off your favorite sports bra while also providing excellent ventilation and room to move. The loose threads fit of the Xen racer tank is the ultimate in breathability and relaxed style and pairs perfectly with the Nova short and motive crop. Check out the Xen racer tank and make it your go-to top for training, yoga, and running around town at acertank