FAQs - Circuit Challenge for Charity (C3 Challenge)

about the C3 Challenge

What is the C3 Challenge?

The purpose of the Circuit Challenge for Charity, or C3 Challenge for short, is to create awareness and support for the HYLETE nation charities, while engaging and growing the community with a free, fun-spirited challenge to inspire a lifestyle of functional fitness.

How does the C3 Challenge work?

Beginning Friday, April 8th, the first of 4 Circuits will be posted at HYLETE.com/C3 in the form of a short explanatory video that will fully explain the Circuit requirements, stations, tips, etc. Each subsequent Circuit will be available the following Friday for a total of 4 Circuits.

Each Circuit will allow for all skill levels, require access to minimal equipment, and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete; including warm-up and cool down recommendations. (e.g. 10 minute warm-up, 15 minute Circuit, 5 minute cooldown).

In addition, the first 5,000 people who signup will receive a $25 promotional code for use at HYLETE.com.

How do I participate?

Visit HYLETE.com/C3-Signup to sign up for the C3 Challenge. If you do not currently have a HYLETE.com account, one will be created for you. From the signup page you will select which of the 5 charities you would like your participation to benefit. Once you complete the signup process, you will be sent an email with your $25 promo code.

about the charities

Who are the participating charities?

The charities that will benefit from this 4 week challenge, are the current HYLETE nation supported charities that include: 31Heroes, Back on My Feet, National Breast Cancer Foundation, O.U.R. Rescue, and Scratch My Belly. Handpicked by HYLETE for their clear vision and genuine compassion for their cause; the HYLETE charities program was built to support charities of various sizes that share the same core beliefs of the HYLETE nation. Click here to learn more about the HYLETE charities.

How do the charities benefit?

For each Circuit that you complete, HYLETE will donate $1 to that charity. Additionally, the charity that "wins" the C3 Challenge (with the most number of participation points) will receive an additional $2,000 donation. HYLETE will donate up to $10,000 for this inaugural C3 Challenge. A limited edition C3 Challenge Tee is available for purchase with 50% of all revenues going to the 5 Charities.

details and dates

What is a Circuit?

A Circuit is comprised of 2 or more Terminals. A Terminal is simply an exercise to be completed at a specified standard for one or more repetitions.

When you complete all Terminals once you have finished one Loop of the Circuit. The goal is to complete as many Loops as possible along with as many additional reps during the allotted Circuit time.

When does the first Circuit take place?

The first of 4 Circuits will launch the morning of April 8th. Check your inbox for your welcome email or visit HYLETE.com/C3 to watch the overview video. The last Circuit will launch April 29th.

How long do I get to complete the C3 Challenge?

You will have until May 8th to complete all 4 Circuits.

What equipment do I need?

We've made the equipment necessary to participate as accessible as possible. If you would like to participate at home and you do not have all the listed equipment, a modified version of each Terminal is available.

  • Jump rope
  • Kettlebells (12 KG and 16 KG for women; 16 KG and 24 KG for men)
  • Abdominal Mat
  • Plyobox (20” for women/24” for men)
  • Barbell (45 lb. barbell and 25 lb. plates for women and 45 lb. plates for men)
  • Wallball (14 lb. for women and 20 lb. for men)
  • Pull-up bar

How do I submit my score?

A C3 Challenge scoring portal will be available after the launch of the first Circuit. You can track your scoring and see where you measure up to the rest of the HYLETE nation. All scores must be submitted by May 8th.