women's fall collection

nimbus collection

Find your perfect length in the versatile and ultra-flattering nimbus collection.

motiv collection

Bold patterns meet premium performance with the motiv tights and crops.

jackets & hoodies

Ultra comfortable and built to keep you warm during your cold training sessions.


Fashion and function are combined to create every HYLETE women’s short, each thoughtfully designed for the modern female athlete.

sports bras

Stylish, supportive, and incredibly comfortable. Every sports bra in the collection is ideal for your most intense training sessions.


Whether you’re looking for optimal sweat-wicking or just an insanely comfortable top, these HYLETE tanks have you covered.

flexion pant

Your favorite to and from the gym lifestyle pant feature excellent temperature regulation, perfect for cooler fall weather.

backpacks & duffle

Traveling the world or just a trip to the gym, the HYLETE collection of bags are designed to fit your busy lifestyle.