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  1. Apex Jacket Black
  2. Apex Jacket Cool Gray
    $98.00 Special Price $73.00 Special Price
  3. Eclipse Cropped Hoodie Black
    $72.00 FLASH SALE $43.00 FLASH SALE
  4. Eclipse Cropped Hoodie Eclipse Gray/Eclipse Gray
    $72.00 FLASH SALE $43.00 FLASH SALE
  5. Eclipse Cropped Hoodie Neo Mint/Neo Mint
    $72.00 FLASH SALE $43.00 FLASH SALE
  6. Eclipse Cropped Hoodie Cantaloupe/Cantaloupe
    $72.00 FLASH SALE $43.00 FLASH SALE
Our fleece-lined collection of women's and men's hoodies, jackets, and pants are a perfect touch for cooler weather this time of the year. The fleece lining provides extra warmth during your training or a soft, cozy, touch for running errands or lounging around. Stay warm without compromising performance and durability during as you train to achieve your goals.