Gifts for the Strongman

The Strongman

Focused on the journey rather than the destination. The Strongman is a positive thinker who perseveres through any obstacle with a personal desire for strength.

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Gifts for the Runner

The Runner

Fueled by the adrenaline that comes with each stride. The Runner is always ready to race.

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Gifts for the Commuter

The Commuter

Always on the go. The Commuter is continuously adapting to their environment while staying true to their fitness lifestyle.

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Gifts for the Powerhouse

The Powerhouse

Always focused while in pursuit of a new target. The Powerhouse has the resiliency and mental toughness to move forward or bounce back.

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Gifts for the Marathoner

The Marathoner

Always preparing for the next opportunity to perform. Takes on the pursuit while enduring the pain (and shin splints) to reach the finish line.

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Gifts for the Adventurer

The Adventurer

Never afraid of the road less traveled. The Adventurer finds personal growth with each new experience.

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