When summertime rolls around people are eager to let loose and venture on outdoors. HYLETE Health Advisor Thomas DeLauer is here to spread the light on why you should head outside and soak up the sun on a fine summer day! Find out how sunshine correlates with belly fat reduction, mood, and memory along with factors to consider. 

Key Terms:

Phosphorus- one of the key components responsible for maintaining blood PH and detox.

Pro-Hormone- the inactive precursor molecule from which a hormone is derived also known as 7-Dehydrocholesterol.

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The following is a transcription of the above video:

There is one vitamin that innately tells us to get outside. A vitamin that occurs within our body, a vitamin that literally is asking us — practically begging us — to go outside and absorb some sunlight. I'm talking about vitamin D. And sure, we all kind of joke about it from time to time, we say, "Hey, let's go outside and soak up some vitamin D," sort of saying it in an almost sarcastic fashion. But in reality, soaking up vitamin D is pretty darn critical, and I'm gonna explain why but I really want to explain the process and how your body actually takes sunlight and converts it into a hormone or a vitamin; it's pretty wild.

Before I get into that though, let's talk about why vitamin D is such a necessity, because it's a lot more than just what people think. You see, on the surface, vitamin D helps us absorb calcium, it helps us utilize calcium properly; it sorts of delegates where calcium needs to go. If we have too much calcium in the blood or too much calcium in the body that's not being directed to the right place, it can cause a lot of things. It can actually cause atherosclerosis, it can actually cause some pretty serious issues like anxiety, as well. We don't want that. But, there are some other things that vitamin D does that a lot of people haven't really been talking about. For one, it is correlated directly with belly fat reduction, believe it or not. Another one is that it is directly correlated with your mood and your memory. You see, vitamin D is a hormone. It plays a lot more of a role than just a normal vitamin. Even though it's called a vitamin, it's technically a hormone, and we'll get into that process when we talk about how the sunlight actually gets converted into vitamin D.

There's one other thing about vitamin D that I just learned, that I wanted to share with you. I thought it was pretty interesting. It helps maintain the levels of something called phosphorus in your body. Phosphorus sounds like one of this nonchalant kind of terms that's just kind of thrown around. It's just a regular, every day, physiological term. But did you know that phosphorus is one of the key components that's responsible for maintaining your blood pH and helping detoxify the body? So yeah, vitamin D, going out in the sun, can literally help your body's acid-base, but also help you detox a little bit more. That's pretty darn powerful.

So let's talk about how getting out in the sun actually works in the body. Okay. First, you step outside in the sun. The sun creates these UVA and UVB light. Well, your skin absorbs the UVB light with a pro-hormone. A prohormone is sort of a catalyst for a hormone to come. And this prohormone is known as 7-dehydrocholesterol. It is a form of cholesterol. Yes, the cholesterol that everyone tells us is bad. That 7-dehydrocholesterol collects the UVB and it transfers it into another state. It takes that and it converts it into cholecalciferol. That cholecalciferol is sort of a pre-vitamin. It's kind of the pre-vitamin to the pre-vitamin because that cholecalciferol takes it to the liver and then it gets converted into another thing. It gets converted into hydroxyvitamin D. That hydroxyvitamin D is the true precursor to the vitamin D3 that we need. 

So there's one more step. From the liver, the hydroxyvitamin D transfers over to the kidneys and the kidney converts it into dihydroxy vitamin D, also known as vitamin D3. Pretty alarming, crazy series of events that happens just from converting sunlight into a usable hormone that dictates your mood, dictates your acid-base levels in your body but also dictates whether or not your bones are strong. So what do you need to do? Well, you need to get outside. But how long? How much? What do you really need? 

Well, the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of differentiating factors. Your age, your sex, where you live, even the color of your skin makes a big difference. In fact, the color of your skin probably makes the biggest difference. African-Americans and those that have darker skin usually require twice as much sunlight in order to get adequate amounts of vitamin D. Simply because it takes a lot more to actually extract the UVB through the dark skin than it does for light skin. But generally speaking, anywhere from 15-30 minutes of direct sunlight is really what we need. And even though that doesn't sound like much, if you're working an office job you get up in the morning, you have your coffee, you get in the car, you go to the office, you get back in your car, and you go home, and it's dark. You didn't get 15 minutes. You didn't get 20 minutes. You didn't get five minutes. You got two minutes walking to and from your car. You are deficient. 

Add this up aggregately over two, three weeks, maybe even three, four, five months. Do the math. You are deficient in vitamin D. So the premise of this video is to get outside this summer. Get outside, get active, throw on your Hylete gear, and absorb some true UVB light so that you can get the vitamin D that you need to be the best performer in every aspect of your life. I will see you in the next Hylete video. Make sure to go download the Hylete Daily Circuit app so you can truly get some vitamin D, and do it in style. I'll see you soon.