When summer time rolls around people are eager to let loose and venture on outdoors. HYLETE Health Advisor Thomas DeLauer is here to spread the light on why you should head outside and soak up the sun on a fine summer day! Find out how sunshine correlates with belly fat reduction, mood, and memory along with factors to consider. 

Key Terms:

Phosphorus- one of the key components responsible for maintaining blood PH and detox.

Pro Hormone- the inactive precursor molecule from which a hormone is derived also known as 7-Dehydrocholesterol.

To ensure you are getting the best out of your summer click here to find a recipe that will boost your energy. 

about the author

From 280lbs to the Covers of Magazines... All by living a lifestyle that is honest and real. Thomas DeLauer brings the nutrition expertise along with a unique perspective on health and wellness that is everything HYLETE.