The HYLETE circuit performance was designed for athletes that move in various planes of motion throughout any terrain during any type of weather. Made of 82% nylon and 18% polyester, all four of the circuit performance training shirts serve as the top pick for tough workouts and competitions. A sleek design and comfortable fit may cause your gym buddies to inquire about your elite workout gear. When it comes to athletic apparel, HYLETE has hit the nail on the head with the circuit performance line.

“We choose to use a circular knit construction on the circuit performance garments in order to provide attributes that are beneficial in a wide variety of fitness endeavors - superior stretch for unimpeded range of motion, minimal seams to help avoid chafing, and engineered mesh panels to assist with temperature regulation/breathability,” says Pete Dirksing, VP of Product at HYLETE. “We set out to produce a performance top that breathed as easily and felt as soft as your favorite cotton t-shirt but had the stretch/recovery and wicking capabilities of a garment manufactured using man made fibers.”

Cotton is a comfortable fabric but when it gets wet, such as from sweat during CrossFit workout or mud/water from obstacle course races, it gets heavy. Cotton absorbs water and holds onto it which will noticeably affect your ability to move during workouts. Nylon and polyester dry quickly and repel water. The circuit performance lines takes this concept to the next level with stretch mesh panels on the front and back of the shirts, ensuring sweat evaporates as it reaches the skin. Temperature regulation is especially important for runners that will wear the long sleeve as their base layer because finding the perfect balance between cool and warm is key for optimal endurance performance. The long sleeve circuit performance is your go-to base layer for fall/winter workouts.

Circuit performance is not compression, spandex, thermal or “dry fit.” It’s a category of its own because it has a fabric that feels unlike any other.

“We wanted a performance top that felt different and many of the competitive performance tops we evaluated before designing the circuit performance line felt similar to a rash guard or sun shirt you would go to the beach in,” says Dirksing. “A fair number of these tops felt very synthetic, were often a bit scratchy, and made you feel a bit claustrophobic as you began to heat up/sweat.”

The circuit performance line currently contains two long sleeve color options and two short sleeve color options for men and women. Men’s sizes range from small to XXL for all shirts. The women’s circuit performance racer tank is available in sizes ranging from S-XL and makes the ideal top for spin class, yoga and strength training alike. When it’s time to improve performance, look no further than the HYLETE circuit performance line.

See the full line of men's and women's circuit performance apperal.

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