HYLETE recently took over Los Angeles with Tiffany and Rose, The Pretty Little Lifters. Along with a photo shoot and product demos, we sat down with Tiffany and Rose to discuss the origin of The Pretty Little Lifters and what inspires them.

The Pretty Little Lifters was started in September of 2014 as a way to inspire and encourage women to view themselves and fitness in a positive way. Along with their very popular instagram account, @theprettylittlelifters, Tiffany and Rose manage a blog, theprettylittlelifters.com. Their blog discusses various nutrition and fitness topics. “We started The Pretty Little Lifters after we met each other at the gym,” said Tiffany. “We decided that we wanted to inspire women to not be afraid of lifting heavy. You can still be girly and feminine while working out with the guys in the gym.”

In their first year, Tiffany and Rose have already felt the impact of their positive message. “It’s always exciting when people tag us and they are telling us about something they were never able to do,” says Tiffany. “It’s so inspiring to see that they are proud of themselves. It makes us proud and wants us to keep pushing our message.”

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“What inspires us is living a healthy lifestyle,” says Rose. “We are so fortunate to have our health and to spend time with our friends and family, motivating others, and just living a healthy lifestyle while taking advantage of Los Angeles and the outdoors. It just makes us happier people being around people who motivate us and lift us up. In return, motivating others really inspires us.”

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Learn more about the Pretty Little Lifters at theprettylittlelifters.com/