By Mark Barroso

Find out why the plexos pant is the ideal pick for trainers, athletes, and everyday fitness enthusiasts alike. Spoiler alert: It’s because they’re SUPER comfortable.

Not all pants are created equal. Typical cotton sweatpants have one use: lounging around the house. Sweatpants actually aren’t ideal for sweating since the inner fleece tends to stick to your skin during workouts and provides zero ventilation. On the other hand, common outdoor athletic pants are too thin to handle the rigors of fall and winter. And of course, windbreakers are too bulky and loud to be a practical everyday option. Therefore, many athletes, trainers, and fitness enthusiast settle for the “shorts under sweatpants” combination AKA the most annoying combination ever. Once they arrive to the gym, then take off these sweatpants which often requires taking off your shoes first. It’s a struggle gym goers know all too well. HYLETE’s plexos pant offers the ideal combination of a stylish look, serious warmth, thermoregulation/breathability and comfortable fit to erase the needs for shorts under sweatpants. 

The plexos pant has a 4-way stretch that moves with you during the toughest of workouts ranging from running to CrossFit to heavy weightlifting. Viscose, also known as rayon, is a material processed from the cellulose that’s extracted from trees. It’s considered semi-synthetic since technically it comes from trees but the wood pulp is processed to only contain cellulose, not bark or anything else. The addition of this fabric in a sleek pair of pants adds a unique construction that’s best described as comfortable. The waistband stretches up to four inches and ties tight enough to stay on through the worst of weather/workout conditions.

The lining of the plexos pant is a black thermoregulating fleece that absorbs moisture and pushes it towards an inner mesh area for maximum breathability. That’s how you know there’s superior technology in the moisture transfer. The outside is a heather gun metal (grey) water repellent shell while the inside is a black sweat wicking lining. Two front pockets and a side zippered pocket hold large phones, keys, wallet and snacks. Available in size X-Small to XX-Large, the plexos pant has a tapered fit so they don’t let cold air in at the ankles or appear too baggy.

If we had to pick the absolute best utility for the plexos pant, it would be for people that want to look professional, avoid the “shorts under pants” dilemma, and experience unmatched comfort and durability while exercising in the cold. Make the plexos pant your go-to outer layer regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.  

about the author

Mark Barroso, NSCA-CPT, Spartan SGX Coach, is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and fitness Journalist based in New Jersey. Barroso's work has appeared in Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, M&F Hers, FLEX,, Fitness Magazine, and more. When Barroso isn't creating original health/fitness content, he enjoys weightlifting, cooking, running, and obstacle course racing. Barroso has completed 30 obstacle course races and counting, often wearing HYLETE apparel and packing his HYLETE backpack for the ride. For more information about Barroso, visit