what do you think of the quad-blend

The racer tank compliments my form fabulously! It’s very flattering to my body without being too tight or uncomfortable. I usually train outdoors and it’s been pretty humid this summer in NYC, but the material is great, SUPER BREATHABLE!! It didn’t stick to my skin even though I was breaking a sweat. 

what is your favorite feature

I’m a big fan of the color scheme, too, black and pink. Most athletic apparel for the ladies often has limited to no pockets, especially in the tank tops, but I love the deep side pockets this one has! I fit my phone, and keys without having to shlep a bag with me! 

who would you recommend this to

I would recommend this tank for any woman who wants quality, comfortable, and stylish athletic apparel that's great for all types of training from yoga to running to lifting weights!

Get an in-depth view of the accent quad-blend racer tank.

about Grace MenendezGrace Menendez

Grace Menendez is latest member of the Kavadlo crew of calisthenics gurus coming form the great state of New York. Originally from Miami, and then later Los Angeles, Grace began her career after taking an outdoor Yoga class in the famed Runyon Canyon Park in Hollywood. She quickly became certified and began teaching yoga in the same park that she took her first class. After exploring yoga, Grace became an AMTA licensed certified Massage Therapist. She continues to use the skills she learned from these programs for fitness assessments for her current clients.

Over the last few years, bodyweight calisthenics has become the central focus of her training. Grace received her Progressive Calisthenics Certification in the spring of 2014 and since then has been hooked on bodyweight strength training for herself and her clients.

“I love the freedom practicing calisthenics gives me to be creative with my training,” says Grace. “I find that my practice has evolved beyond just “working out.” Instead my sessions are spent focusing on cultivating new skills each session rather than just mindless exercise. There is an element of true presence and awareness challenging yourself in this way! Plus it’s always FUN!”