Danielle Levy-Wolins holds her masters in Sports Nutrition, is an avid CrossFitter, and is now a regular contributor to fitlifeunlimited.com where she provides fitness tips and product reviews. Danielle recently had the opportunity to test the insignia racer track and the invex II crops. Here is what she had to say.

About Danielle

A little background on my athletic pursuits; I am an avid CrossFitter, and spend most of my time in workout clothing. Naturally, the quality and durability of workout gear is of utmost importance. Luckily for me, the insignia racer tank and the invex II crops receive top marks in these two categories!

If you are unfamiliar with CrossFit, we engage in a wide range of exercises. I wore these items during a workout that included squatting, pressing, pull-ups and rowing. When I am exercising, I need my clothing to allow for a full range of motion while staying in place and out of the way of my movement.

What is it?

I was lucky enough to be sent an insignia racer and a pair of invex II crops. HYLETE suggested I put these items through a workout to see how they held up to me lifting, bending, jumping and running.

What do I think?

The insignia racer tank is a soft, flexible material that moved well with my body. I could easily press overhead without feeling restriction from the shirt. My only issue with the style (and this issue is something I experience with most shirts) was the fit across the chest and back; I have a wider back than most women, and often find that shirts are too narrow or tight in this area.  I did however love both the racerback style and the length of the body of the shirt. I can’t wait to wear this tank again!

The invex II crop is a pair of pants that I will be wearing multiple times a week now, I chose to wear these pants on squat day as the ultimate test! The pants have a higher waist, which prevented them from slipping down as I squatted down; this meant that I didn’t have to subject my fellow squatters to a crack attack. I also enjoyed the tight fit and length of the pant’s legs. I prefer that my workout pants hit just below my calves, and these did just that! 

Thank you again to HYLETE for the items you sent me- they are thoughtfully designed and are clearly of high quality. I just have one question- do my invex II crops make my squat look big?