The HYLETE nation is made of different types of athletes, fitness professionals, first responders, and service personnel. In the spirit of Military Appreciation Month, we would like to spotlight one of our HYLETE nation members, AH-1Z Cobra Pilot, and soon to be dad, USMC Captain David Goodrich. Along with being a big supporter of HYLETE and active duty for over 8 years, David competes and coaches Olympic Weightlifting.

Read more about Captain David Goodrich, and what inspires him. Then, show your appreciation for those who serve in the military. Submit a photo of your friend, spouse, or family member and let them know you appreciate their service.

Can you describe your military history? 

I commissioned in 2008 and completed The Basic School for introductory platoon leader training in Quantico, VA in early 2009. After that, I spent two years in Pensacola, FL working through Naval Flight Training. I finished primary training in a fixed wing turboprop (T-6B) then on advanced training in a single engine helicopter (TH-57B/C). I did well enough throughout both programs to have my choice in my final airframe and selected the AH-1Z Cobra at Camp Pendleton, CA. I spent my first year in California learning to fly the Cobra and joined my current operational squadron in early summer, 2012. I met my wife, Ally, out here and she put up with a lot of long hours and late training flights while I worked up in qualifications to prepare for deployment. In 2014, I deployed on the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit to support contingency operations in the Middle East. Since my return last spring, I've been earning instructor qualifications and teaching the new guys how to fly and fight the Cobra. I'll finish up my final instructor training in Yuma this fall, then head out with the Squadron for another deployment.

Do you participate in any sports? 

I'm almost exclusively training in HYLETE now - I've replaced almost all of my old beat-up shorts with your gear - Ally is thrilled! The Marines have two annual fitness tests that cover anaerobic/aerobic pathways (800m and 5K run) and bodyweight / functional strength (pull-ups and buddy carries) - so in the back of my mind I'm always preparing for those. I'll swim, run, and do pull-ups towards that goal but my real sport has been Olympic Weightlifting for the past 9 years. I learned to lift back home at Team Connecticut then continued with Crossfit Fortius when I moved out to San Diego. I picked up my USAW Club Coaching certification a few years ago and have since set up my own garage gym in Carlsbad. I lift/coach there when I can during the week and almost every weekend. Between the fitness tests and weightlifting competitions, I always have a focus to my training. HYLETE gear helps me with that, it is functional for everything I do and has stood up to my training and some austere conditions from Navy ships to the desert, it is a simple thing to have, but the quality of the HYLETE gear lets me keep my focus where it needs to be.

Who inspires you?

On a personal note, my wife was a high level collegiate athlete - she's just about 6 months pregnant and is still staying in shape! She and Judith, HYLETE’s Product Development Manager, are always in the gym or on a walk together and have found the balance between work, fitness, and the craziness of their first pregnancies, so that's been inspiring to see. Professionally, I try to be a sponge and learn from everyone I meet. For the past 8 years that's been all the Marines I've served with. I've met some remarkable Marines and heard some amazing stories over the years and have learned a ton about teamwork, work-ethic, and leadership. I've had great support from my family and friends and some incredible mentors for the past few years; every day I try and live up to them and be a better Officer, Pilot, and husband (soon to be dad!).

Show your appreciation for those who serve in the military. Submit a photo of your friend, spouse, or family member and let them know you appreciate their service.