By Gabrielle Kassel

This time of year, the weather outside is frightful. Unless you live in the sunny south and winter is a prime-time for showing off your beach runs and outdoor WODs on Instagram. Seriously, it’s starting to get polar-vortex freezing out there and well, your bed is just not. If you just bundle a bunch of layers on, you’re bound to get sweaty and comfortable, plus who moves well with tight layers of fleece all up in their business? What you need is workout gear made to help you face the elements, or at least get you from the car to your latest fitness-studio-obsession. Fret not, HYLETE has brought you the accent II hooded jacket, which will help you crush your outdoor adventure or schlep from your tushy-warmers to the indoors.

The crowning piece of the accent collection- known for being as stylish as it is functional- the accent II hooded jacket is the new zip-up you won’t want to take off after the gym. Because yes, it fits that well, and is good looking and functional. We’ll let you know right upfront that you’re in luck because the jacket comes in 2 colors: gun metal/plum and black/stealth back

If you’re a purse-touting, athletic-bag carrying athlete, you’ll be thrilled to learn that the jacket has 5 pockets that are so functional you can leave your backpack at home. And say goodbye to your armband because on the upper left arm there's a zippered pocket that'll secure your goods inside. And this isn't some little key pocket that some running jackets have, but rather it’s a hearty pocket that can carry keys, phones, IDs, credit cards, lip balm, energy gels, and whatever else you need to haul with you both during your workouts. Yes, you read that right. This jacket can fit your phone right on the arm. Plus, it’s zippered on top, so you can be 100 percent sure that nothing falls out.

If you need more space, you’re in luck: two low profile side pockets that protect against snagging or catching decorate the sides. Big enough for hands that need warming mid-outdoor workout, or even half a peanut butter sandwich or bananas, your mid-workout fuel is just a zip away. And in case you’re really carrying some extra stuff with you, there’s two internal pockets (one on each side) that provide some great extra storage for energy gels, money, or keys. But don’t worry, if you’re not carrying that much stuff, all the pockets will lay flat so you don’t have to worry about them making your sides look bunchy.

Did you know that when it’s cold outside, blood flow is concentrated in your body’s core, which leaves your hands, ears, and toes vulnerable to getting that it’s-cold-out tingle? The accent II hooded jacket will keep your ears and hands warm, thanks to thumbholes at the cuffs of the sleeves and an oversized hood that can fit and tie over even the tallest bun. The hood really is the best part of the jacket: it’s big, warm, and can tie tight around your neck which’ll keep you insulated and protected against the nipping wind chill.

The hardest part about Fall and Winter workout gear is that you want to stay warm… but you don’t want to be so warm that 10 minute into your outdoor trek you’re burning up. With a mesh paneling located at the back and under the arms, this jacket is ideal for anyone who heats up quickly. The mesh will help you regulate your body temperature as you get sweating, and allows the moisture to evaporate quickly- which as any outdoor athlete knows, is key for keeping warm because a slick layer of sweat coating the skin will make you colder as your crush the pavement. (And for those cold-blooded athletes, we recommend pairing with the circuit performance long sleeve crew if you’re gearing up to trek through the outdoors this season).

Oh, and with a ruched back that’ll help you stand out in the gym and look fashionable at the store, it’s truly an everyday item. Do you need any more proof that you don’t have to look like the Michelin Man just because it’s cold? With sizes s-xl, that fit true to size, you’ll be wishing you had ordered that second color after your first wear. So it’s a good thing the holidays are coming up. 

About the Author

Gabrielle Kassel is a New York based health and fitness writer with a passion for weight-training, playing (and watching) rugby, running through the mud, and living mindfully. Her work has appeared on Women’s Health Online,, Barbend, Tough Mudder, Vitamin Shoppe, Healthline, and more. When she isn’t typing away in Brooklyn coffee shops, you can find her bench-pressing, reading self-help books, and posting about her love of HYLETE gear on her Instagram,