Jamie Toland of Grinder's Gear Review, is a professional fitness writer and apparel reviewer. He recently had an opportunity to test and review the men's vertex shorts. Continue reading to see the benefits of the vertex shorts.

What is it?  

HYLETE makes all types of men’s and women’s gear for hybrid training athletes.  Their shorts are something I’ve seen advertised and heard a lot of good things about for years.  However, the question for me has always been, “are they worth the price?”

What do I think? 

The short answer is, “yes!” The minute I put the vertex short on they were immediately and noticeably different from any fitness-based shorts I had tried before.  They are very lightweight but don’t have a “cheap” feel to them at all. With no velcro clasp on the waistline, the vertex short allow for full range of motion without any “velcro rub” that can happen from time to time in a traditional “WOD short.”

Why do you need it? 

The vertex short look and feel incredible.  I went into this review thinking, “what’s the big deal,” but I loved these shorts.  They are a mix between a traditional basketball type short and a WOD short. You can also order them in different lengths.

When should you use it? 

You can’t go wrong training in these shorts.  They move with you and stay in place. Love them for burpees, squats, thrusters and toes-to-bars because there is not velcro to rub you the wrong way while bending repeatedly at the waist.

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