Circular Knit Technology

Circular knit technology creates comfortable, breathable, and seamless apparel. Maximize your comfort and performance in seamless fitness apparel.

Why You Need Circular Knit Technology

Apparel made with circular knit technology isn't cut or sewn when it's constructed, with a goal of creating a seamless piece. Seams are susceptible to wearing down or even ripping over time. Intense physical activity might even hasten this wear and tear. When you exercise in seamless clothes made with circular knit technology, you don't have to worry about this irksome issue. Plus, your seamless fitness apparel will last longer than other items in your closet.

How Circular Knit Technology Works

Seamless fitness apparel made using circular knit technology is comfortable and practical when peak physical performance is your goal. Seamless clothes are non-restrictive and non-binding, while still fitting precisely to your body. Because of their customized fit, these clothes also minimize chafing, which is important on long-distance runs or rides.

What Circular Knit Technology Does for You

Thanks to their lightweight and seamless construction, HYLETE's circuit performance apparel delivers several key benefits.

Improves Breathability and Temperature Control

Seamless clothes often include contrast knit or mesh panels that maximize the breathability of the clothes. Mesh panels, for example, allow the heat to escape your clothes, while at the same time letting air in. As a result, your clothes won't stick to your skin or retain moisture, even when you work up a sweat.

Enhances Flexibility and Maneuverability

Because seamless clothes feature a fit that seems customized to your body, they improve your flexibility and maneuverability during your workout. Your training movements will be unrestricted when you're in comfortable seamless clothes. Four-way stretch enhances maneuverability as well.

Showcases Your Hard Work

HYLETE's circuit performance apparel features an athletic V-cut. This design isn't just comfortable. It also showcases the results of your training.