31Heroes Project

31Heroes Project has raised more than $1.6M dollars for veterans, their families, and veteran assistance programs through the 31Heroes WOD. This year’s event was held on Saturday, August 6, 2016 on the 5 Year Memorial of the loss of the 31Heroes on Extortion 17.

August 6, 2016 not only marked the fifth anniversary of the #Extortion17 tragedy, it also marked the fifth anniversary of the opening of Iron Cross Athletics. Open only five days when the community was rocked by the loss of the 31Heroes on Extortion 17, the athletes at Iron Cross Athletics were compelled to participate in the inaugural 31Heroes WOD, and they have since marked the anniversary of their grand opening by raising funds and participating in the event.

What started with nine participants and a few hundred dollars grew to 50 athletes and $2,500 raised after only one year. The event has continued to grow each year. 2016 proved to be the most successful event yet for Iron Cross Athletics, raising more than $7,600. 

why they WOD

“One of our founding members has an older brother who is a SEAL,” explains Nikki Warnek of Iron Cross Athletics. “When the tragedy happened on August 6, 2011, only 5 days after we opened, it really shook her. She heard about the inaugural 31 Heroes WOD and asked if we would run it at the gym. Of course we said yes!"

“The entire gym loves the workout, and it sets a great tone to our anniversary party to start by remembering the fallen heroes and giving back to something bigger than ourselves,” adds Warnek.

The 2016 31Heroes WOD at Iron Cross Athletics brought more athlete participation than ever before. They had to run the event over the course of the morning with five heats, and with athletes young and old; novice and experienced. 

you can help

Support the 31Heroes by purchasing the limited edition HYLETE 31Heroes Project tri-blend crew tee.