By Amy Schlinger

Labor Day has come and gone, and while technically the last day of summer is quickly approaching, the weather doesn’t quite agree. Hot days are still in the forecast, so you may want to think twice before switching out your fitness wardrobe. It might actually be a good time to add some pieces to your warmer weather workout gear, since we guarantee there will still be some steamy days ahead. Plus, who’s ready for pants season anyway? Put the legging game on hold (you have all winter for that) and stick with shorts for a bit. And if you don’t have a pair of HYLETE iris scallop short in your fitness closet, here’s why you should.

1. They’re lined.

It can sometimes be a struggle deciding what to wear under your shorts, or if you even need to wear anything at all. You won’t have to worry about that with this pair. They’re fully lined, and not only does the lining fit comfortably without cutting into your thighs, it’s also highly breathable. So no matter how hard you’re working and how much you’re sweating, things remain dry down there.

2. They’re stretchy.

Extremely stretchy, actually. Both the waistband and the body of the shorts are made with four-way stretch material, so having full range of motion is never an issue. Whether you’re doing box jumps in CrossFit, climbing over a wall in an obstacle course race, or holding a low lunge to stretch, you don’t have to worry about feeling restricted. Plus, the shorts just move better with your body. And just because the material has some give, it doesn’t make it any less durable. These shorts can hold up against turf, rope, barbells, trees, and more. They may get dirty, but it takes quite a bit to get them damaged.

3. They have a wide waistband.

You know how certain pairs of shorts have waistbands that end up cutting into your sides? Not here. The scallop shorts have a thick waistband that sits really comfortably across your belly. It’s not too tight, but has enough elastic to keep the shorts from sliding up or down so you’ll feel secure even if you’re squatting. Even with the pockets filled, you’ll never feel like you need to keep hiking them up, which can be one of the frustrating things when you’re working out, cycling, running or rowing.

4. They have a zippered pocket for your phone.

You’d think with people being so tied to their phones these days, and the fact that most gym go-ers and runners store their music to exercise to on their cell phones, every pair of workout shorts and leggings would have a pocket to stash a cell phone. Wrong! It’s surprisingly a really hard feature to come by. While many if not all workout bottoms have a pocket or flap, they generally don’t fit more than a pair of keys and an I.D. card. So you’ll be thrilled to know that the iris scallop short not only has one, but two zippered pockets on either side, each big enough to fit a cell phone.

5. They’re attractive.

The cut of a pair of shorts can be really tricky sometimes. Depending on your height and build, some may have way too short of an inseam, while others just fall a little longer than you’d like. The length of the iris scallop short doesn’t lend itself to either of these issues, as it seems to fall in a comfortable place for most ladies. The double-layered scalloped hem also makes them more attractive on the legs, and the colored piping accentuates female curves without over-doing it. The design elements make them a lot more appealing than your basic, boring pair of workout shorts.

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