I am a personal trainer, training my clients in their home gyms, gated-community clubhouse facilities, as well as, country club gyms. I have been a trainer for over 34 years. Just when I thought I had seen it all... 2020 brought the pandemic. I had to immediately revise, rework, retool, and inevitably; pivot my entire business model to train my clients through my VTS virtual training sessions. There was no time to waste as my clients needed to not skip a beat and miss out on their productive training. So, I found a virtual training/video call platform in Google Duo and we all hit the ""training-ground"" running!

My VTS virtual training sessions have been so amazingly successful; I was the featured subject in a May 26th, 2020 New York Times story/article, showing VTS is the CURRENT and FUTURE of Personal Training! Very quickly my VTS virtual training sessions were taking off, clients across the board with loving it, and it allowed me during this challenging climate in which we're all living under, to continue with their healthy/productive training sessions and workouts!

Training my clients through the VTS virtual training sessions was far from easy. You must be an even better (well-informed) trainer. Not only did I have to take my current clientele through their training sessions and workout programs, but I also had to do it in a way that was 100% seamless for them. I had to ""sharpen the saw"" in my descriptions of exercises, my demonstrations of exercises, as well as, introducing clients to new training tools that we had not previously used prior to the pandemic. Of course, the TRX suspension trainer was part of the Arsenal. But, we introduced the NT Loops. Not only did that allow me to give a broad spectrum of exercises to clients that were training in different homes or facilities during the lockdown... it allowed me to inject a new training tool and introduce new exercises to my clients which only made their workouts more productive and enjoyable. The new training items also allowed me to gain/train (new) clients through the VTS virtual training sessions, that were outside of my usual training-demographic. Shifting on the fly and pivoting within my personal training business was a must. I continue to introduce new innovative training programs, exercises, and tools for my clients.

I knew during this pandemic I wanted every client to look back and say, ""Wow...that was a really hard time! But my personal trainer Matt Sulam made it incredibly easier!""

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