Andy McDermott is the face of the popular game, Call of Duty, and has made many appearances on TV shows such as Sons of Anarchy and Hawaii 5-0. He recently worked on the TV shows Togetherness for HBO and Hand of God for Amazon Prime. He also played a small role in the upcoming movie called Baby Driver along side Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, and Jamie Foxx.  The former Phoenix Police Tactical Team member and professional soccer player is also a regular contributor to Muscle and Fitness and Training Edge magazines. While keeping in top physical shape for his roles, Andy works out more than most. He recently took the new helix II flex-knit short for a test run and had a lot to say.

what are they

The helix II short is another great addition from HYLETE. More room through the rear and additional pocket space make these an everyday, multi-use short that can be used while training and coaching. The larger pockets also enable these shorts to become a lifestyle short because of the amount of storage it provides.  And although my fashion sense has never been anything to brag about, I'm told that the colors are cool.  

what do I think

I used these shorts through several workouts and they didn’t disappoint.  The flex-knit fabric is the same as the vertex short, and provided the same stretch through the workout. After my workout, I even jumped in the pool and these shorts held up great! I also coach three soccer teams in Hollywood, and these are great for holding my phone, whistle, marker, etc, yet still light and mobile enough that I can run around and play with my guys, too.

why do you need it

The best thing about HYLETE for me is that right out of the box, the gear always feels like it's custom-made.  The helix II short is the next example, so comfortable! HYLETE has continued to add features that make these shorts great for any fitness lifestyle, including new colors on the short, drawstring, and pocket.  If you're looking for that one, quality pair of shorts that can be your ""go to,"" this is a perfect choice.