By Thomas DeLauer

HYLETE Community Captain, Thomas DeLauer, explains why the circuit cross-training shoe is ultra-durable and great for any form of training. HYLETE’s shoe features 3 interchangeable insoles that will allow you to perform at your best. Learn more about the product features and shop now at

Get comfortable this fall, pair your circuit cross-training shoe with the plexos short.


The following is a transcription of the above video:

Hi. I'm Thomas DeLauer, your Hylete community captain, here to tell you why this shoe is the only one you'll need, no matter what kind of training you're into. The versatile circuit cross training shoe is optimized for any workout. It allows for you to change your training discipline without changing your shoe. The circuit cross-training shoe features three interchangeable insoles tuned to optimize stability and energy transfer while lifting, all around versatility while training, or high impact absorption while you're running. High abrasion resistance is created by combining ultra durable heat welded TPU, eliminating the need for stitching. With ventilated ripstop nylon to protect against rips and tears, allowing you to wear these shoes on any type of terrain. The lightweight but incredibly tough Vibram outsoles offer supreme stability and traction during lateral movements and high impact activity. Trade in your old training shoes for the innovative circuit cross training shoe at