Mark Divine is a retired Navy Seal, founder of SEALIFT, and best selling author of The Way of the Seal and Unbeatable Mind, a series about mentally tough leadership and developing maximum potential, respectively. Mark, with his step-daughter, Catherine, have trained SEAL, Spec Ops and professionals from all walks of life in a unique program of whole mind development called, KOKORO YogaKokoro Yoga spans traditional yoga, martial arts as well as functional training, and integrates breathing, movement and meditation, to help people access their inner warrior. Mark and Catherine used HYLETE’s men’s and women’s quad-blend henleys during their latest Kokoro Yoga video shoot at SEALIFT HQ in Encinitas, CA. Here is what Catherine had to say. 

what is it

My step-dad, Mark Divine, is the founder of SEALFIT and KOKORO Yoga, where he continues to be an active instructor. He wore the verge flex-woven zip pocket short and icon quad-blend button henley to train in a functional fitness workout as well as teach a yoga class. I also train CrossFit and SEALFIT, along with teaching and designing the Kokoro Yoga program. I trained and taught in the accent II 7” short and icon quad-blend hooded henley. 

what do I think

We both loved these products. Mark said to me after a workout, “I love these shorts!” We both liked the style of the quad-blend henleys so much we decided to film multiple videos in them. Using the quad-blend henley as our pseudo Gi, we demonstrated our unique blend of yoga movements and martial arts mixed with squats and burpees in our new Kokoro Yoga program. The only con of the women’s hooded henley, was the hood. In certain movements it would get in the way, however I still give it a 5-star rating and will be wearing it until it is unwearable. The accent II 7 inch shorts were great for an intense sweaty workout. They did not feel restrictive and they breathed well as my body heated up. 

why do you need it

I think HYLETE is in the lead to competitors for the sleek design in look and function. We recommend these products and loved them so much that we started to look into the online store of what else we could buy that would fit our training variety and style. The product is definitely worth the cost and stands up in durability and fashion. Hooyah HYLETE!

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Whether you are just starting a fitness program, training intensively as an experienced athlete or just exploring lifestyle improvements and yoga, KOKORO Yoga has something that will transform the way you view your mind, body and spirit and the world of yoga. KOKORO Yoga is strongly grounded in the ancient science of yoga and other noble warrior traditions. As a modern integrated practice, KOKORO Yoga spans traditional yoga, martial arts, functional training, and valuable lessons from Mark Divine’s Unbeatable Mind lifestyle and leadership approach.