In 2015, Operation Underground Railroad carried out 18 rescue operations in 9 countries to pull victims from sex trafficking and child slavery rings. In those 18 missions, 140 victims were rescued and 81 traffickers and pedophiles were arrested. Since March, the HYLETEnation was able to raise $12,000 through the sales of the O.U.R. tri-blend crew. With the cost of a mission coming in right around $20,000, the HYLETEnation was almost able to pay for one O.U.R. Rescue mission in 2015.

""The thing that has been surprising and encouraging is the fact that the HYLETE community jumped on board and they are major supporters, fans, and abolitionists,"" said O.U.R. founder Tim Ballard. ""They are helping us, and they are supporting us. So HYLETE, more than just contributing financial means to us, have created their own tribe and team of athletes who are on board with us and are helping us in so many ways.""



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""It’s a dark world that we work in, the world of sex trafficking. There's nothing darker on earth and it takes its toll on all of us. To be able to come to a place and work out. These are intense workouts. This really is like a drug, but a good drug that heals us. Physically, emotionally and psychologically cleanses and heals us, and then we are renewed. The energy that comes from working out, the energy from the group, the family, and the tribe of CrossFit. We take that energy and direct it into our rescue operations.""

""In our first two years we rescued hundreds of kids, and that’s more kids than I saw or heard of being rescued when I was in the government. How many kids did we actually rescue? We’ve seen hundreds but when you consider the traffickers who are in jail, there are kids who would’ve needed rescuing, who never will. We’ve been able to put over 120 traffickers and pedophiles behind bars and that number is growing.""

how to help

#HYLETEnation, O.U.R. Rescue needs our help! It costs roughly $20,000 to fund one rescue mission. HYLETE's goal is to fund at least one mission in 2016. 50% of all revenue of the limited edition HYLETE O.U.R. tri-blend crew tees will be donated to O.U.R. Rescue. Get your men's O.U.R. tee here. Get your women's O.U.R. tee here.

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