By Thomas DeLauer

Get the breakdown on training fasted. HYLETE Community Captain Thomas DeLauer will explain the three main reasons why you might consider fasting while training. While debunking common fasting myths, DeLauer also explains the science and research behind fat burning. Make sure to follow these tips if you want to stay in tip-top shape. 

Key Terms:

Sympathetic nervous system- one of two divisions of the nervous system and is responsible for the body’s fight or flight response.

Protein phosphorylation- the modification of a protein that alters its structural conformation causing it to become activated, deactivated, or modifying its function

Learn more about fasting with Thomas DeLauer as he explains fasting and its effects on testosterone in his recent video.

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What's going on, HYLETE? It's Thomas DeLauer. Today I'm giving you the breakdown on training fasted, is it bad or is it good or is it just about neutral?

Okay, well, when it comes down to training fasted, we have to remember what we're after. The whole idea is trying to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system to kick into gear. The sympathetic nervous system is kicked in whenever you are stressed out or exercising, but it's also kicked in whenever you have a lack of food. Doing the math, training in a fasted state, exercising when you don't have food in the system, obviously ends up putting you into an extreme sympathetic nervous system mode. This is what we want. Now, most people might argue that you're going to end up burning up a lot of muscle when you're in this situation. Not necessarily the case. But first, let's start with fat burning.

Okay, when it comes down to activating your sympathetic nervous system, your body flat out is mobilizing more fat. It's utilizing fats as a source of fuel at this point in time. But additionally, our insulin levels are at baseline. We don't have any food in the system to burn, so since the insulin levels are nice and level, our body has no choice but to start tapping into stored body tissue to use as a source of fuel.

Now, some might argue, ""Well, doesn't this end up meaning that you're going to break down protein?"" No, not at all. In fact, the Journal of Applied Physiology did a study where they took two different groups, okay, one group ended up training in a fasted state after fasting completely overnight, and the other group did not. The other group trained in a fed state. Well, what they found is that the group that fasted had a massive increase in protein phosphorylation. What that ends up meaning is that they absorbed more protein and more carbohydrates after the workout if they were in a fasted state than they would of if they did it in a fed state. Basically meaning that the actual protein that was synthesized to build muscle ended up being more when they were in a fasted stated.

Now, to make matters even better, there's one other cool thing that happens when you train fasted. You have a massive increase in what is called acute reactive oxygen species. Okay, this acute oxidative stress, it's a very fast pounding of oxidative stress that hits the cells. This sounds like a bad thing, but what actually ends up happening is the cells end up becoming very resilient to oxidative stress. Think of it like this, it's like you are hammering your body with oxidative stress at one contained point in time to train them. It's just like the military goes out and trains really hard to be prepared for battle. You are essentially preparing your cells with a load of oxidative stress so that they can handle the rest of the stress throughout the course of the day.

Those are just three main reasons why you may want to consider training fasted. As always, HYLETE, make sure you're keeping it locked in here for more videos that may help you stay in the tip-top shape that you want to be in. As always, make sure you check out the full line of HYLETE gear that's through and through on

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