By Nicole Zapoli, HYLETE in-house certified trainer

Begin with your feet set directly under your hips, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Hinge from the hips sending all the weight back into the heels maintaining vertical shins and a tight, flat back aiming to get it set as close to parallel to the floor as possible. Pull dumbbells towards the top of your rib cage in line with your sternum and hold. This will be your start position for this movement. Hug elbows into the rib cage with forearm perpendicular to the floor. While keeping the elbows hugged in, extend the arm from the elbow until it is straight and parallel to the floor before returning back to start position.

Points of Performance (POPs):

  • Begin with feet set directly under your hips
  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand
  • Hinge from the hips
  • Send all the weight back into your heels
  • Maintain vertical shins
  • Keep back tight and flat
  • Aim to get torso set as close to parallel to the floor as possible
  • Pull dumbbells towards the top of your¬†rib cage in line with your sternum
  • Hug elbows into your rib cage
  • Forearm perpendicular to the floor
  • Keep your elbows hugged in
  • Extend your arm from your elbow until it is straight and parallel to the floor
  • Return back to start position

Trainer's tip: Make sure to choose a weight that allows you to maintain form and return back to your start position following each repetition. The body position you are maintaining is similar to that of the deadlift start position. Aim to hold and maintain form with little to no movement throughout, only moving the arm from the elbow.

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