HYLETE’s patented waistband system is utilized in the verge flex-woven, vertex flex-knit, and helix flex-knit shorts to create a secure fit without cinching or scrunching. The patented waistband system stretches up to 4-inches and features a drawstring that can be worn internally or externally.

two-way drawstring system

Depending on your fitness activity, this two-way drawstring system allows you to lace up on the outside, or keep the drawstring inside for a clean competition look. The ability to choose to wear your drawstring internally or externally creates added benefits you won't find anywhere else.

patented waistband system

Range of motion is an important element to training and competition, so it should be an important feature on your gear as well. HYLETE's waistband stretches up to 4-inches in circumference to provide a perfect fit, without cinching or scrunching, while providing clean lines and superior comfort.

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