Have you been putting in lots of effort to lose weight only to find you are not getting the results you want? It is possible that you are unknowingly engaging in behaviors that are sabotaging your efforts and preventing you from reaching your goals. Whether you are doing the wrong exercises, eating the foods, or simply not following the right eating schedule, it may just be that these habits are hindering your fat-burning potential. If you’d like to learn more, then read on to find out which behaviors you are engaging in that may wreak havoc on your metabolism and learn how to correct them.

Engaging in High-Stress Exercise

None of us need more stress in our lives. Unfortunately, we all get plenty of it, and it is hard to hide from. How does high-intensity interval training factor in? For those who are already highly stressed and also engage in high-stress exercise, such as HIIT or CrossFit training, they are actually further stressing their bodies in a way that is not beneficial. The additional stress can negatively impact your metabolism thanks to an over-secretion of the stress hormone, cortisol. Add to that the potential stress from anxiety, overeating or undereating, over-exercising or under-exercising, and you may be doing significantly more harm than good. Ensure that you are always aiming for balance in your life to reduce any added stress. If you have a high-stress life, choose physical activity that doesn’t add to that, like yoga, pilates, or even jogging or hiking.

Skipping Meals

Many people skip meals in order to reduce their calorie intake even though this do some serious damage to their metabolism. Because the result can be a severe calorie restriction, it may actually cause your body to conserve energy rather than burn it as it goes into a 'survival mode' to save that energy. The body will lower its temperature, slow thyroid function, and reduce heart rate to survive. Anyone who experiences food cravings, cold feet and hands, stubborn belly fat, lack of energy, and stress may very well be living in 'survival mode.' This is why many people struggle when opting for low-calorie diets. The body was not meant to starve. Give it nutritious food throughout the day and avoid tanking your metabolism through starvation.

Eating Low-Carb Diets

When it comes to carbohydrates, it is important to choose wisely. Carbs are not the villain, it is just about making sure you are choosing the right ones! Eliminating carbs from your diet is not required to be healthy or to lose weight. However, any healthy diet should consider reducing processed carbohydrates, like white flour and white sugar, from their diet. But whole, unprocessed carbs are loaded with fiber and nutrients that actually help your metabolism! Cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and oats are wonderful options to do carbs to the right way.

Eating All-Carb Breakfasts

Eating a stack of pancakes or a few waffles can be a delicious start to the day but it’s also pretty much the same as eating dessert for breakfast. An all-carb meal increases insulin production so that your body can process all that glucose, but insulin is already at a peak for most people in the morning, so we don’t want to amp it up any more. Instead, focus on adding protein and fat to your breakfast that includes some healthy high-fiber carbs. Try whole grain toast with eggs and spinach or oatmeal with chia seeds and berries.

Eating a Low-Protein Lunch

The body needs protein to build lean muscle mass and increase our metabolic rate. Without it, the body will break down its own muscle tissue. Those who lack protein in their diet will find it impossible to build lean mass as protein is required for tissue repair and muscle building. It doesn’t stop there! If you don't get enough protein, you may experience brain fog, muscle weakness, muscle loss, cravings, and fatigue. TO avoid this, add some lentils or chicken to your salad or choose some healthy proteins to add to a sandwich. Not only will your brain and muscles thank you, but your skeletal system will also be happy.

Does it sound like you might be engaging in some of these behaviors that damage your metabolism? It is possible that they are currently sabotaging your health goals. Don't let them do it! The good news is that it is never too late to make changes and see results.